Brajendra Mishra

Research Professor

Education: BTech Indian Institute of Technology; MS, Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Research Interests: Pyrometallurgy; electrochemistry; materials synthesis; oxidation

Phone: 303-273-3893










I joined Mines in 1997 as an Assoc. Professor in Corrosion and Physico-chemical Processing of Materials. I have past industrial experience in iron and steel-making as well as in micro-electronic thin films. My current research interests and contributions are spread over two major needs of the day.

(1) Environmental management by developing chemically benign processes:

I have primarily concentrated my efforts in extractive process development through a strong interaction with the Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy [KIEM]. I have established and managed the Pyrochemical Research Facility for Reactive Metals. The expertise centers around the ability to work with reactive and light metals in environmentally controlled gloveboxes and application of pyrometallurgical and electrometallurgical techniques to process metals.

(2) Materials development with enhanced properties:

The focus has been on surface engineering through various research programs on materials surface property development. I have also established and managed a corrosion laboratory at Mines. The expertise that I have gained and the facilities that I have developed over the last fifteen years have been concerned with improving the understanding of the 'material-environment interaction'. I have been extensively involved in the establishment and management of the Advanced Coatings & Surface Engineering Laboratory [ACSEL] which now houses significant thin films research infrastructure and process capability. The expertise and know-how are branched into three sub-topics: wear-resistant coatings; oxidation and corrosion resistant coatings and electronic thin films. I am responsible for the work on Oxidation-resistant, Corrosion resistant and Decorative Coatings. The activities under ACSEL are geared towards current industrial needs and are on the verge of a sizable expansion.

I teach both aqueous and high-temperature corrosion of materials, physico-chemical processing of materials and the making of iron and steel. I consider these courses to be a part of the core of any metallurgical engineering program and a valuable tool for a materials engineer. My teaching and research goals also include keeping abreast with current knowledge in the areas of my interest. I accomplish it by maintaining a strong presence at national and international forums through organized symposia and lectures.




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