John J. Moore

Trustees' Professor

Education: BSc University of Surrey; Ph.D., D.Eng., University of Birmingham, England

Research Interests: Synthesis and processing of advanced materials, engineered materials, surface engineering, thin films & coatings

Phone: 303-273-3770










I serve as Director of the Advanced Coatings and Surface Engineering Laboratory.

The challenge that interests me most is the synthesis and processing of materials to meet increased quality and property requirements. This involves the application of chemical and physical processing techniques to the production of advanced ceramics and composites, thin films, "engineered" surfaces, and "engineered" materials.

My recent research falls into two major areas: (i) surface modification and engineering which involve the physical vapor deposition (PVD), reactive PVD, and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of thin films and coatings for applications such as wear resistance, corrosion and oxidation resistance, and electronic/magnetic thin films; (ii) reactive synthesis of advanced materials, e.g. advanced ceramics, intermetallics composites, and porous biomaterials with engineered surfaces that facilitate bone growth.

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