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Submit a work order request to FM.

Work Order requests are used for Repairs, Installations and Estimates. Please use Mines Help Center for Computing Center & Telecommunication requests.

***EMERGENCY *** work order requests must be phoned in to 303-273-3330 8am-5pm M-F. After hours emergencies should be reported to Public Safety at 303-273-3333

Facilities Management (FM) and Capital Planning and Construction (CPC) have a collaborative, relationship.  Capital Planning and Construction is responsible for capital construction projects, reporting and maintaining campus space utilization, upholding State building regulations, codes, and the campus design standards. Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining campus facilities to include, utility and systems infrastructure, building envelop, grounds, custodial and overall building condition, in addition to minor request work in support of the academic and research mission, parking services, fleet management and distribution services. Many requests that may appear to be minor or maintenance related   may require review by the CPC office for code or design elements and in some case need to be managed through the CPC state contracting process.  
What is a Facilities Management versus a Capital Planning and Construction Request?
If the request involves a change of space, or programmed use of the space  as listed in the examples below, please complete the  CP&C Request Form. If the request is minor in nature or maintenance service related, please submit a work order request to FM.
           Space Reconfiguration Examples:
                        Change or add walls
                        Change Door or window function
                        Adding Doors or windows
                        Systems (cubicle) Furniture Reconfiguration
                        Change of programmed use or assigned department
           Color Palette Change Examples:
                        Changing paint colors outside the approved space palette
                        Changes in flooring type or color
                        Changes in window coverings
          Major equipment moves or installations that involve:
                        Major modifications to space ventilation                       
                        Major modifications to plumbing systems
                        Major modifications to electrical systems
                        Major modifications or additions to Data/Telephone
                        Reduction in walking space (circulation)
           Outdoor Fixtures:
                        Addition of Signage
                        Addition of Outdoor Furniture
                        Major changes to the hardscape (brick, concrete or stone elements)
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