Dr. Erik Lord – M.S. 2009 & Ph.D. 2012



About this Alum

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Degree(s) obtained at Mines: M.S. Material Science, 2009; Ph.D. Materials Science, 2012 (Focus: Nuclear Materials; Center for Welding, Joining, and Coatings Research)

Other Degrees: B.S. Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, University of New Orleans (2005); BS Naval Architecture, United States Naval Academy (2004)

Favorite Memory from Mines: MME had a co-ed softball team, mainly graduate students, called the Dendrites. We played in the Golden City league and we played like a team of nerds, that is to say we lost nearly all of our games. But we had fun.

Hobbies: Hiking, photography, mountain biking, wine/whisky tasting

Advice to Students: In general, resist the urge to specialize in one area of metallurgy or materials science. Instead, gain exposure in different aspects of the field, and work with a variety of customers/teams to hone your communication skills.
Three skills will take you far no matter what path you choose:
1. Project management
2. Communication (written and verbal)
3. Involvement with technical societies

Career Path

  • Blue Origin (Kent, WA): Senior Materials & Processes Engineer; Senior Manager, M&P Labs; Senior Director, Materials & Processes Engineering and Laboratories (2017-present)
  • G.E. Global Research Center (Niskayuna, NY): Lead Engineer, Welding/Cladding Research (2016-2017)
  • Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation (Niskayuna, NY): Senior Materials Engineer (2012-2016)
  • U.S. Navy (USS HENRY M. JACKSON): Nuclear Reactor Operator, Submarines (1997-2000)