Hazen Lecture Series: Spring 2021 Seminars

All seminars are held via Zoom at 4 PM unless otherwise noted.

1/21/2021 – Dr. Terry Totemeier, Colorado School of Mines

1/28/2021 – Dr. Linda Nazar, University of Waterloo

2/4/2021 – Dr. Rebecca Schaller, Sandia National Laboratories

2/11/2021 – Dr. Jingjing Li, Penn State University

2/25/2021 – Dr. Amber N. Black, Los Alamos National Laboratory

3/4/2021 – Dr. Chelsey Hargather, University of New Mexico

3/11/2021 – Dr. Gwénaëlle Proust, University of Sydney

3/18/2021 – Dr. Shuang Cui, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

3/25/2021 – oSTEM , Colorado School of Mines  (Safezone Training Password: 243428)

4/8/2021 – Dr. Michael S. Kesler, Oak Ridge National  Laboratory

4/22/2021 – Dr. Calvin M. Stewart, University of Texas, El Paso

4/29/2021 – Dr. Arun Devaraj, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

4/28/2021 – Exponent Informational Seminar


Thank you to all of our speakers and guests!

Past Seminars

01/16/2020, Dr. Vladan Stevanovic, Colorado School of Mines

01/23/2020, Dr. Amy Clarke, Colorado School of Mines

01/30/2020, Dr. Michael Nagorka, CSM Alumnus

02/06/2020, Dr. Gunther Eggeler, Ruhr University (Bochum, Germany)

02/20/2020, Dr. Lawrence Cho, National Institute of Standards and Technology

02/27/2020, Dr. Victoria Blair, Army Research Laboratory

03/05/2020, Dr. Matthew Olszta, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

03/12/2020, Dr. Kirstin Alberi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

9/24/20, Dr. Suresh Babu, University of Tennessee

10/1/20, Dr. Nilesh Kumar, University of Alabama

10/8/20, Dr. Xun Liu, The Ohio State University

10/15/20, Dr. Justin Briggs, Antora Energy

10/22/20, Dr. Robert F. Klie, University of Illinois – Chicago

10/29/20, Diptak Bhattacharya, Colorado School of Mines

11/5/2020, Dr. Deep Choudhuri, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

11/12/2020, Dr. Megan Holtz, NIST